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No one knows pests like we do.

When should I have my house inspected if I am going to sell it?
The best time to have your house inspected is prior to agreeing on a sales price with a prospective buyer. Most agents typically wait until the house is in escrow before ordering the report. If you have budgeted for termite or fungus problems, you are all right. However, if you didn't budget for these problems, the additional expenses could turn into a nightmare. Get a termite inspection before you negotiate a sales price. Order a termite inspection online, and you're automatically signed up for our weekly drawing for a free inspection.

Do you do inspections?
Yes! If you call us or complete our online contact form, we will be more than happy to set you up with an appointment for a free estimate.

Will I see cockroaches, spiders, ants or other insects after treatment?
Yes, it’s possible that insects may wander in from outside or come out from hiding, but you have all the assurance they will come into contact with treatment and die.

How can I tell if it's a termite or an ant?
When you look at an ant under a magnifying glass, there are three definite body segments. A termite has two. When they have wings, the ants will have four wings — two long and two short. The termites will have four wings that are all the same length.

Since I no longer see any evidence of termites, do I still need treatment?
It depends upon the type of termite you have. It may indicate that they have moved into some new area or have stopped swarming. When they swarm, the colony is not leaving. These are the little princes and princesses going out to start new colonies. The workers, soldiers and queen are still home devouring your home 24/7.

Can I buy the chemicals and do it myself?
Chemical applications should be left to the professionals. We do not recommend our customers do any chemical treatments or applications. The labels on chemicals have specific instructions for use, mixing and disposal. There are hazardous warnings on the canister, and most people do not completely read the entire label. We are licensed and continue training to keep our licenses active and up to date. If you feel that you must apply some type of chemical to remove the unwanted pests, buy Boric acid, but please follow the instructions carefully. You may be risking your health.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, we do! If you experience any problems after your treatment, please contact us so we can get it right. We value our customers and are completely hassle-free.

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